Frequently Asked Questions Is it Safe? It is non-invasive and completely safe. There are no negative side-effects. Some common symptoms and states of being may include: • Alternating energy highs and lows. • Feeling dizzy, light-headed or spacey, extreme sleepiness, vivid dreams • Emotional highs and lows • Unexplained crying or anger or other emotions addressed in a session • Increased energy and vitality • A sense of peace Can Kinesiology Help Me with Allergies? Kinesiology is an excellent way to find out what allergies you may have and, in most cases, to help clear them. Can Kinesiology Help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder or Tennis Elbow? Most definitely. We also supplement with our cold laser therapy in conjunction with kinesiology to jump start and take advantage of cutting edge technology. Muscles work in groups, rather than individually, so I test all the muscles in the area of the problem. Any that test 'weak' are corrected with kinesiology techniques, such as rubbing or holding points or nutritional supplements. Sometimes one of the muscles has 'switched off' other muscles in the group, so the energy flow needs to be re-balanced, allowing all the muscles to work together synergistically. Other possibilities are that one or several of the muscles may be too tight or weak (often from over-use), and unable to extend to their full potential. This can also impact on our lives, causing us to limit ourselves in the same way as the muscle. Occasionally, the pain in one part of the body actually relates to a completely different part of the body, so this is something else I check. In addition, I test your body to find the related emotion to the problem and clear the stress on it, which also helps reduce or remove pain and restricted movement. Can Kinesiology Help Me Choose Which Supplements to Take? Kinesiology can be used to test what supplements are best for you and how many to take. It prevents you from spending money on supplements that aren't beneficial for you or from taking too many. Can Kinesiology be Used with Babies? In situations where it is not possible to use muscle-testing directly (as in the case of a baby, or very frail person), I use a surrogate. While maintaining contact with the person, the surrogate will be muscle-tested to find out what is going on and what needs to be done. The corrections are then made to the person. How Can Children Benefit from Kinesiology? Kinesiology can help children in many ways, for instance, if they are having difficulty at school, with learning, concentration, comprehension, memory or any other aspect of school work. There are various techniques and exercises that can be used to enhance brain function. This doesn’t always relate to children but adults too. Ever have problems trying to take notes and listen to an instructor at the same time? Kinesiology and cold laser therapy can also help improve sports performance and speed up recovery from injuries. Nutritional deficiencies and allergies can be checked and, in most cases, removed. • Improvement in mobility • Deeper and more restful sleep • Reduced appetite for sugars and junk • Deeper and more relaxed breathing • Improved posture and postural awareness • And much more!!