Frequently Asked Questions What Happens During an Appointment? A thorough history is taken and a goal set for what you’d like to achieve from the session. Muscle-testing is used in order to find energy imbalances and what corrections are needed. The corrections are made while related emotions are considered, awareness gained and solutions found. By the end of the session, the previously stressful goal and emotions are no longer stressful and any pain is usually reduced or removed. What does Muscle-testing Involve? I press on a muscle while asking a yes/no question and the muscle responds by either staying strong or weakening. The test relates to energy flow, rather than to the strength of the muscle. What is a ‘Balance’? This is the term used for a kinesiology appointment and relates to the balancing of energy and release of energy blockages. What 'Corrections' are Used During a Kinesiology Balance? Professional kinesiologists and “Touch for Health” practitioners are trained in and use many different techniques as corrections. Some of these have been adapted from Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture and chiropractic theories. We also use Quartz crystals, color, sound, nutritional supplements, brain integration exercises. The whole basis of AK is that muscles and organs share a common blood supply, nerve supply, nutritional requirement, acupuncture meridians and lymphatic circuitry., We also consider stressful emotions relating to problems and look at diet and lifestyle and any other changes a person may need to make. What is a Meridian? Acupressure vessels, or meridians, are located throughout the body. They are pathways of the positive and negative energy power which carries on some of the communication between parts of human beings. These meridians have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods. Some mapped electronically, thermatically, and radioactively. There are specific acupuncture points along the meridians. These points are electro-magnetic in character and can be located by micro-electrical voltage meters or with muscle testing, when they are abnormally functioning. There are 500 points that have been mapped and used for centuries for specific improvements in the human body. These points are connections between positive and negative meridians and functions of the body, including the internal organs and muscles. The sequence of activating these depends on the improvement desired. Is Kinesiology a Form of Medical Treatment? No. We do not diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. We balance the body’s energy, thus promoting its own healing abilities. With kinesiology, we are looking at how the person would like to feel or what they would like to achieve. Regardless of what the person's problem is, whether it's something life-threatening like cancer, or debilitating like arthritis or depression, we approach it in the same way. We also consider how the person is being held back, how their pain can be reduced and what they need to support them. This includes emotional aspects as well as the person's lifestyle and diet. How Many Appointments Will I Need? It varies enormously depending on the person and what the problem is. This also depends if this is a chronic problem with multiple issues. This is not a quick fix and requires effort on your part as well. I recommend two or three balances to deal with a particular issue. You may want to have further balances for other stressful aspects of your life. You may want a balance for just testing on supplements or allergies.