Class 3B Laser Therapy (LLLT) We use cutting edge technology to shine a light on Fibromyalgia, Arthritis,Back Pain and myriad of ailments that we can help control pain, diminish inflammation and speed up the recovery process. We use the LZ30 by Avant Wellness Systems. It is the most advanced class 3 therapy device available. The LZ30 cold laser received medical device clearance from the FDA in 2013. What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)? It is a hand held non- invasive light emitting medical device. Cleared by the FDA for use in a variety of treatments of soft tissue disorders, this is a low energy laser known as a “cold laser”. In contrast to general surgical or cosmetic lasers that produce heat and can be destructive to tissue (LLLT)produces no harm to human tissue in normal use and thus is classified by the FDA as a “Cold Laser”. What it does? The action of photo stimulation of light in the body increases collagen production, enhances nerve regeneration, increases microcirculation, reduction in general pain, increase in tissue and bone repair. How Can A Class 3 (Cold) Laser Help Me? Relieves acute & chronic pain. Increase the speed, quality & strength of tissue repair. Increases blood supply. Stimulate the immune system. Stimulate nerve function. Helps generate new & healthy cells & tissue Promotes faster wound healing Reduces inflammation Applications of Cold Laser or LLLT Acupuncture points Arthritis Back pain Bursitis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fibromyalgia Heel spurs/ plantar fasciitis Knee pain Leg pain or numbness Migraine Headaches Neck pain/ Whiplash Post operative pain Shoulder pain Sinusitis TMJ pain/ Dysfunction Tendonitis Tennis elbow Scared tissue Sprains and strains Swelling/ inflammation