Testimonials I went to see Jon Olson over a month ago because they wanted to do a complete shoulder replacement. I was not able to use my hand due to the bone on bone injuring the tendons around the shoulder socket. Today, I can garden and put my clothes on w/o pain, plus Whatever he did to re-balance me, has also given me my strength back in my upper body.
 He also cleared my body's memory of several serious head injuries which have caused debilitating headaches. I spent thousands on chiropractors with only temporary relief. I am so pleased to say I have not had one headache since Jon cleared my body's memory.
 Another bonus that was unexpected was his ability to clear some heavy grief after a major loss. I went in with so much emotional pain and when he was done I felt a sense of peace of mind I hadn't had in months.
 Whatever he does to re-balance me, has also given me my strength back in my upper body. Thanks Jon, you're a miracle worker. —Sheri I highly recommend Applied Kinetic Concepts to everyone. He was able to help me with intestinal problems as well as identify mitral valve prolapse. He recommended a holistic supplement for me which helped so much. I now see a cardiologist thanks to Jon identifying the need. I have been seeing Jon for about 1 year and call anytime I feel I need a booster. Jon you are an awesome healer and I can't thank you enough for all you have and continue to do for me. I give Jon and Applied Kinetic Concepts 5 stars. —Kelli Anderson For several years I have been seeing an Acupuncturist for injuries I sustained in an accident. My first day on my new job (I had been promoted to Supervisor) a fork lift backed into me and left me with a neck injury that had made my everyday life nearly unbearable. The relief I was receiving was limited and very short term. A little over a year later my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My sister suggested I try Applied Kinetic Concepts and I am so glad that I took her advice. Jon, you didn’t just heal my neck, you healed my soul. I came feeling like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and went home feeling light as a feather. I can’t say thank you enough! I live in Capitola and drove 350 miles to receive treatments from you and I am so glad I did. Wishing you all the very best life can give and recommending you to everyone I know. —Niki H. I came to Susanville to visit my mother and she told me about Jon Olson at Applied Kinetic Concepts. I decided to make an appointment and am so happy that I did. He is fantastic and amazing. I was emotionally overwhelmed, and I had pain everywhere. I was a mess emotionally and physically. After only 3 sessions with Jon I feel refreshed, regenerated and relieved. I’m a brand-new person. My 86-year-old mom has no more back and neck pain by the way. Thank you Jon. —Michele D.