Testimonials This is about Jon Olson! I am so pleased with him. From my first visit in June/July when he first opened his office in Susanville, CA he took away my long-time shoulder pain & increased my energy. I had my bad shoulder worked on by many other who tried and failed to give me the long-lasting "relief." Jon has done a "great" job on me and also on many others I know who have gone to see him. He is "really helping" them, and that's rare to find now days. "On the first visit" his energy work is a true gift. He is kind, caring and helpful to all he sees. You "feel" the differences. We all really appreciate how different and "special" he is and want all to know, so they can get the help they need. He really does a great job! —Ridenour (530-284-6197, Just ask me) It's very helpful to now have someone in town who has the technology to help with long-term injuries or chronic issues. I have had ongoing sciatica issues and have struggled to have relief from the constant pain. Jon was able to ask questions and identify the areas on my body needing to be adjusted and worked on. It was wonderful to experience relief after almost a year of constant pain. I would highly recommend seeing Jon if you are suffering from persistent pain from old injuries. —Ted Kranz They say some people come into your life for a reason and this statement couldn’t be nearer to the truth. I was actually searching for a masseuse online when I stumbled across Jon’s number. From the moment he picked up the phone, you could feel his warmth, passion and desire to not only help someone he had never met, but dedicate his time, knowledge and talent without any self gain. My first treatment started with enthusiasm yet little expectations due to my lack of knowledge in this field. From my first session, I never expected to see such a difference not only physically but psychologically. My anxiety has decreased considerably and I’m sleeping better than I have in years, no longer having to rely on anti-anxiety and sleeping pills on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention the huge improvement in my balance and increased energy levels. Jon has the capability to combine his knowledge with his adapt ability at reading people- a rare combination, especially when combined with his strong desire to help others. I’ve had countless treatment in various countries throughout the years to help with back, neck and digestive issues. Never have I found someone capable of connecting the physical and emotional, helping me to not only grow but prosper day-by-day. I wish he lived nearer where I could utilize his capability and talent on a regular basis. Thank you!’ —Anna Thomas