What I Offer: An outside of the box new approach to your health care needs. Kinesiology, Class 3 laser therapy, Pro-active health care. • In-depth discussion of the problem • Understanding and caring practitioner • Safe and confidential environment • Clean, comfortable and pleasant surroundings • Non-invasive sessions, pain-free & without side effects • Broad knowledge & experience of holistic health issues & modalities • Nutritional information • Help with becoming more positive & able to achieve your potential • Empowering you to take responsibility for your life & health Follow-up plus on-going support • Available for Talks to groups and societies I found Kinesiology so beneficial and life-changing that in 2001 he decided to take the “Touch for Health 1” Kinesiology course, followed by the “ Touch for Health 2” Kinesiology Practitioner course. This included lots of training, hands-on homework, anatomy & physiology, tests and practical examinations). My background also includes Certified in “Matrix Energetics” 1-4 Levels and becoming a certified Matrix Energetics practioner in May 2012. Matrix Energetics is a system of healing, self care and transformation. Matrix Energetics ( ME) starts with a gentle touch and the power of focused intent. M.E. sometimes appears magical in its expression but is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance. I was also trained as a 2nd degree Reiki practioner by Master Janine Sande and have been practicing Reiki since 2000. I'm always continuing my education to keep current on the latest advancements in kinesiology. Just recently certified in Applied Kinesiology 1-2 from the Kinesiology Institute by Dr. Sheldon Deal DC.NMD. This deals with stress and pain relief techniques, Emotional, Energetic balancing, mechanical and nutritional balancing. I'm committed to sharing my skills, knowledge and understanding to help others improve their quality of life. This unique application of therapies is truly an advanced alternative treatment protocol that is presently available. I work in a holistic way to help my patients reach their health goals. Patient and practicioner work together on choosing the best protocol for the way forward for you. Qualifications • 2nd Degree Reiki practioner training in 2000 By Master Reiki practioner Janine Sande • International Kinesiology College IKC diploma “Touch for Health 1” • International Kinesiology College IKC diploma “Touch for Health 2” • Matrix Energetics degrees 1-4 By Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D. • Certified as a Matrix Energetics Practioner in May 2012 • Anatomy & Physiology for Alternative Practitioners • Training in Microbial Balancing Program Solutions, Perelandra Center for nature research • Training in Rose and Garden essences, Perelandra Center for Nature Research • Red Cross Courses: First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (adult/child/infant) Memberships: West Coast Dowsers Talks: I am very happy to come and speak to your group or society about kinesiology (with/without a Power Point presentation). Our Goal Is A Healthier You!!!
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